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How can your computer posture lead to serious spine problems?

Sam worked on computer for more than 14 hours a day. He experienced physical discomfort after a few years. Because of prolonged use of computer, he experienced severe back pain. As he did not take breaks in between, he started getting pain in neck and lower back too. When he consulted the doctor, he found that the pain was caused due to the wrong posture. The doctor helped him with the right kind of posture for his back pain and

People who spend more than 8 hours on their computers or mobile phones experience back and spine related problems. Doctors all over the world are noticing an increase in patients with neck and spine problems due to prolonged use of desktops or laptops. People who spend more time hunched over their computers and smartphones get sore necks and back pain. Spending a sedentary life all day long, sitting at desk, with neck bent and extended forward causes a lot of muscle tension, which ultimately results in pain in back and neck. It can also create some changes in the bone structure of the spine.

The long term consequences of neck and spine pain can be serious. The person may experience several diseases and ailments such as damaged joints, arthritis, strained muscles, and more. Even while using mobile phones, a person has to tilt their neck down when they text. These unnatural positions place a lot of stress and tension on the muscles of the spine. The muscles around the neck and spine weaken.

Ways to avoid spine problems from computer use

For many people, simply giving up the computer is not an option. Especially people who have their jobs related to computers cannot think of avoiding computer usage. They have no option other than being glued to their desk for 8-9 hours a day. Here are a number of tips you can try to avoid spine related problems:

Maintain proper posture

Posture plays a major role in the condition of your spine and neck. Maintaining good posture is the first defense trick to help you get rid of back pain. Make sure that you sit straight and the computer should not be too low or too high to your eye level. Try to get ergonomic chair so that the height of the chair can be adjusted and even the degrees of recline can be adjusted.

Take frequent breaks

The human body is not designed to sit at one place and it needs stretching from time to time. If you sit at one place in the same position for long hours, it will make your posture suffer. Try to make it a habit to get up from your seat five to ten minutes every hour. Your back and eyes would thank you for this.

Perform stretching exercise

Simple exercises can help you get rid of neck and back pain. During your breaks, try to incorporate some forms of stretching exercises so that your muscles are relaxed.

Avoiding these factors can cause severe problems for your back. If relaxing the muscles and these techniques do not work, you should see a doctor.

About Author

Dr. Hiren Patel is a leading super specialist physiotherapist for all the types of back and neck problems. He can help you get the best treatment for getting rid of pain from your body.  

How sitting all day long destroys your health?

The stress, sitting for long hours, and sedentary lifestyle of your office hours can suck your life in several ways. Did you know that your 9 to 5 job can harm your body? Sitting for long hours at your desk can put you at risks such as high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, fatigue, stress, and depression. As your body metabolism slows down due to inactivity, you may become a victim of many risks related to your health.

Sitting at your chair at office is actually killing you. Most of the people are hunched over their desks in the same position for several hours together. Backaches and sore neck are common problems for such people. A few adjustments in your posture can support your neck and back well. Make sure that you keep your back straight and the level of your computer should be at the level of your eyes. Invest in a good chair that can rest your back properly.

Prolonged sitting at the same position can cause damage to your internal organs also. When you stay seated, muscles burn lesser fat and the blood flow would decrease. This gives a chance to fatty acids to clog your heart, which results in severe heart problems. Higher levels of cholesterol and blood pressure are observed in people who sit for longer hours. If there’s nothing you can do about it, try eating a healthy and nutritious diet that does not pile up your weight.

Weight gain is another common problem associated with prolonged sitting hours. No one who sits for nine to ten hours a day has a slim waistline. Obese people who have to sit for long hours should get up from their seat every hour and go for a stroll. Taking frequent breaks can help you prevent weight gain. Use wooden chairs with no armrest so that you can force your body to stay upright. Stretch your body quite often, almost every hour so that the muscles get a good flow of blood and they can function properly.

Your digestion gets slowed down when you remain seated at one place. Sluggish digestion can produce other irritating effects on the bowel movements. Bloating, constipation, or heartburn may be experienced by people who are bound to sit for ten hours due to their jobs. Getting involved in some physical activity several times a day can prevent such health problems. Set a goal of walking 5,000 to 8,000 steps a day. Take the stairs instead of elevator. Park your car at a distance from your office so that your legs get a chance to move. Walk across a coworker for a chit chat so that you can get up from your seat and walk around to his/her desk.

About Author


Dr. Hiren Patel, a leading physiotherapist in Ahmedabad, has helped several people get their posture correct. He conducts training sessions at offices and corporates to help people understand the importance of correct posture while sitting for long hours at the job.

How To Get Rid Of Arthritis Pain When The Mercury Drops Down During Winter?

Many people complain about arthritis pain in winter. Aching knees are a common problem for people suffering from arthritis. Though arthritis can affect you throughout the year, the pain can get worse in winters. A recent study shows that changes in weather conditions can cause pain in the knees and joints. Most of the patients feel that the pain gets aggravated in rainy season or winter. The muscles, ligaments, and bones get stiffer with low temperatures.

It is not possible to avoid the cool temperature in the atmosphere, but there are a number of ways to get relief from knee pain. Making some lifestyle changes can help you ease the pain or reduce the symptoms related to arthritis.

  • Turmeric with milk can help to treat arthritis pain. Fresh raw turmeric can be boiled with a glass of milk before going to bed daily. This would help to reduce the pain and numbness.

  • Green tea is a great remedy for pain and it also helps in weight reduction. You would notice that the pain is subsided with daily intake of green tea, and it would also make you feel refreshed. You can skip the coffee and try green tea for a few days to ease the pain.

  • Dressing warmly is important to bid goodbye to the knee pain. If it’s cold outside, make sure that you wear socks, thermals, and gloves to protect your muscles and ligaments from the harmful effects of arthritis pain. Wear warm clothes to keep your body covered all the time.

  • Some doctors may advise you to lose weight if you’re overweight. Exercise regularly and indulge in a healthy diet to maintain the normal body weight.

  • Swimming in hot water bath or a warm soak can help you ease the pain.

  • Deficiency of Vitamin D can increase the risk of arthritis. Make sure that you get adequate amount of sunlight or take Vitamin D supplements. Step out when the sun shines so that you do not experience any Vitamin D deficiency.

  • Adding fish oils or Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the level of inflammation. You can start taking fish oil capsules to decrease the pain.

  • Honey mixed with apple cider vinegar can be consumed on a regular basis to get some relief.

  • Talk to your doctor if you can get the massage done. Massaging the affected area for a few days can provide great relief.

Most of the people pop up a pill when they experience arthritis pain. Before taking pain killer medicines, always look for traditional natural remedies to ease the pain. Drugs can have adverse effect on your body, hence, one should look for holistic methods of treatment. You can look for experienced physiotherapists in Ahmedabad to help you get relief from the pain.



Dr. Hiren Patel is an experienced physiotherapist and has treated several patients suffering from arthritis and knee pain. Depending on the patients’ condition, he suggests custom solutions for physiotherapy in Ahmedabad.

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    Health care multi-specialty clinic offers a holistic as well as integrative approach for evidence based Read More
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